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Troubleshoot Your Commercial Irrigation System

6/8/2022 (Permalink)

Irrigation System When you notice any issue with your irrigation system in your Chandler, AZ home or commercial property, it will save you money to address it promptly.

Troubleshoot Your Irrigation System for Commercial Use

What do you do when your irrigation system in Chandler, AZ, fails? How do you find the source of the problem in time to rescue your costly landscaping and prevent potential flooding in your building? Flood restoration experts agree that a quick response is the best course of action.

Indication of Irrigation Problems
You need to pay attention to your landscape and fixtures and pick up on the clues. Some are more obvious than others, but any of these could tip you off that your system needs attention:

  • Stressed plant material
  • Unusually high water bill
  • Visibly damaged equipment
  • Uneven pattern of irrigation
  • Pooling water

If you notice that your grass is dead or your other landscape plants are covered in curled leaves or appear wilted, gray, or brown, your irrigation system is underwatering. Conversely, if you notice mushrooms or a musty odor or you see any spongy ground or pooled water, you have an overwatering issue. 

Diagnosis of Watering Issues
Too much or not enough water getting to your plants may be due to a faulty or improperly set controller. Confirm that your settings are correct. Check water pressure if your plants are dry. Pooled water or a high water bill can be due to a leak; check for loose fittings or damaged heads, cracked lines, and worn washers or seals.

A system that isn't watering evenly usually indicates that the heads aren't properly functioning. Check to see if they are clogged with dirt or debris; if they are, gently clean them.

If the heads appear stuck - if they won't pop up or don't cover the area - check for blockages in the heads, the nozzles, and intake screens.

When you notice any issue with your irrigation system, it will save you money to address it promptly. Water damage from flooding can be insidious and very costly. Flood water can seep into your building's basement from faulty irrigation fixtures. Diagnose and remedy water issues quickly to prevent unnecessary damage and keep your property running smoothly.

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