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Sanitizer being sprayed on wall.

Sanitizing After the Storm

Storms Can Lead to Microbial Growth

Depending on the source of the water and how long the water was sitting in the home or business, sanitizing might be necessary once all of the water has been removed. Sanitizing helps kill any bacteria that was introduced in the water or grew as the water sat.

Cabinet removed the wall and sitting in the middle of a room.

Storm Damage and Rearranging A Home

Removing Furniture to Dry It Out

This home was damaged by a thunderstorm. Several windows were busted and the roof was damaged, leading to a lot of water damage in the home. When we were called out to the scene, we had to remove many of the cabinets and move furniture away from the ways to dry out the walls and the cabinets. 

Bathroom ceiling and wall cut to save the non-damaged parts.

Storm Damage in Bathroom

Saving Undamaged Parts of the Home

This home suffered from water damage from an unknown roof leaf during a thunderstorm that came through and dumped a large amount of water. In order to cut down on restoration costs and time, we cut out the parts of the ceiling that were damaged and saved the parts that were not.

Door to home black from fire damage.

Fire Damaged Home

Fire Restoration Work in North Chandler

This home erupted in a large fire that quickly consumed and severely damaged many parts of the home. We were called in to clean up and restore as much as possible.

Inside of severely fire-damaged home.

Fire Damage Restoration

Restoring Homes After a Fire

When we got called to this home, we knew it would be a big project immediately. When larger fires erupt in homes or business, it requires fire fighting efforts, which typically results in water damage on top of the normal fire, smoke, and soot damage.

Outside of apartment building.

Large Commercial Water Loss

Water Loss in Multiple Units in Apartment Building

SERVPRO was called out to help mitigate water damage and restore multiple units in this building. The leak started on the top floor and quickly flooded the units underneath and beside the source of the problem.

Hallway in commercial building with fans.

The Right Equipment for Each Job

Fans Help in Large Commercial Buildings

Commercial jobs are typically a lot larger jobs than residential jobs, so we make sure we have equipment for each and every job, no matter the size.

Air movers with electrical cords taped to the ground.

A Safe Restoration Environment

Mitigation and Restoration Done Safely

Because there is a lot of moving parts when it comes to mitigating and restoring your business, we make the environment as safe as possible while we work quickly to get the job done.

Demolished wall and ceiling in bathroom.

Bathroom Fire

Demolition In Bathroom After Fire

This bathroom experienced water damage from fire fighting efforts in this home. SERVPRO of North Chandler came in and restored the home to its original condition.

Dehumidifier and air movers in bathroom.

Storms Lead to Water Damage

Water Damage in Bathroom After Storm

When a storm damaged this home, the bathroom happened to take the brunt of the damage. The great thing about our equipment is its the perfect size to fit into smaller places that took on damage.

Wall cutout to expose the studs, wires, and pipes.

Restoration Looks Rough Before It Looks Good

Demolition Leads to Restoration

When a business is damaged by water, fire, storm or mold, the restoration process often looks bad before it looks good. We usually have to tear out walls and flooring, and make cuts in the ceiling and the walls to restore the home to its original condition.

Mold growth on the back of bathroom wall.

Water Damage Leads to Mold Growth

Mold Growth Can Be Sneaky

Because mold can quickly grow in the right conditions, even a small water leak in the wall can lead to mold growth in places you can't even see. 

Floor covered and dehumidifier sitting in room.

State of the Art Equipment and Techniques

Keeping Your Home in Good Condition

We use expert techniques and state of the art equipment to keep the undamaged parts of your home protected while we work on drying out and restoring your home.

Spray sanitizing wall.

Some Water Leaks Require More than Drying Time

Sanitizing After Water Damage

When water gets into places it shouldn't be, it can lead to a lot of microbial growth, particularly if the water wasn't clean in the first place. In order to help combat that, we oftentimes will sanitize areas that were exposed to the water. 

Plastic tarp taped to floor.

Protecting the Building and Furniture

We use various methods for protecting your home or business when we are doing restoration work. Regardless of the type of disaster, we do everything we can to protect the parts of the structure and the furniture that was not affected by the disaster.

Fire and Soot Damage in Bedroom.

Fire Damaged Bedroom

Fire Restoration

A fire erupted in this home and spread throughout it. With the right equipment, we were able to clean up and restore this fire and soot damaged home.

Moisture meter on the inside of a roof.

Moisture Meters for Storm Damage

Moisture Meters Determine Moisture Level in Home

This home was damaged by a storm that came through the area. We brought in our moisture meters to get a baseline for how much water was in the home to start the restoration process. 

Water damage in apartment complex laundry room.

Big or Small, We Restore Them All

Apartment Complex Experiences Large Water Loss

This apartment complex experienced a large water loss in multiple units due to a water leak. SERVPRO of North Chandler came in, assessed the damage, and fixed multiple units and common spaces.

Containment system in home with asbestos

Keeping Everyone Safe

Containment System in Home with Asbestos

We are the experts in clean up and restoration, and pride ourselves in keeping everyone safe during the restoration process. This is a containment system that helps protect the people and the rest of the home while we worked on the demolition part of the restoration process.

Water damage in bathroom

Water Damage Restoration

Restoration Process Involves Removal First

This home in North Chandler experienced water damage from a leaky pipe. The bathroom walls were severely damaged. 

SERVPRO of North Chandler was called out to help with the restoration process. The first part of restoration always involves removing the damaged parts of the building before building it back up.